जन्मदिनमा प्रेम पत्र

म जन्मदिन धुमधाम मनाउने मान्छे होइन किनकि आजको दिन हिजोभन्दा फरक छैन। मेरा विचारहरु, भावनाहरु, सफलता र असफलताहरु उस्तै छन् हिजोजस्तै। हुन त यी सबै जन्म र आजसम्मका उपलब्धि या भनौ गतिबिधिहरु हुन्। यद्यपि हिजोभन्दा आज आफुलाई असल बनाउने क्रम जारी छ। अनि मलाई लाग्छ किन जन्मदिन एकदिन मात्रै celebrate गर्ने? म चाहन्छु हरेक दिन… Read More जन्मदिनमा प्रेम पत्र


When she finally talk about being depressed, people consider it as a joke. “What reason can you have for depression?” they say. They say you’re too young to be depressed. And that breaks the only shred of courage she had gathered. They smile or laugh about it there even. She wish people would understand, that… Read More Depression-II

Male Mind

  Is it only me who is not able to understand the male mind? I mean, the world calls the females as mysterious personalities but for me females are the most simple to understand. To me on the contrary, males are difficult to understand as they rarely express themselves openly. Infact, we females always express… Read More Male Mind

Mr Blue Eyes

  Someone says,“Beauty is noticed through the eyes.” and I truly believe in this statement after seeing your BLUE eyes where I saw imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, depth, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence. Previously, I was unaware of the oceans that your carry, the broad mentality  as the blue sky, above our head, has and… Read More Mr Blue Eyes