When the world sleeps…..

It’s 1 am my dear friend, when the world sleeps….

A school student is dreaming
about his/her next punishment.
A college student is doing assignment.
A university student is preparing for back paper exam.
A CA student is preparing for next attempt.
An graduate is searching a job on online.
A group of boys is watching adult movie in hostel.
An Engineer is creating new logic.
A Poet is composing his/her best verses.
A Doctor is trying his/her best in Emergency ward.
A Pilot is flying towards destination.
An Employee is preparing next day’s presentation.
An Advocate is studying so that his/her client can sleep peacefully in bed not in cell of prison.
A businessmen is worrying about next day’s payments.
A Soldier is keeping in watch on society and nation.
An artist is working to create something interesting and lovely.
Lovers are talking with their love one through chat and phone.
Couples are lying in each other’s arms.
A bookworm is reading Last chapter of novel.
An Insomniac is trying to sleep obsessing over all the heartbreak.
A Parents are talking with their son/daughter lives in overseas.
A Dreamer is dreaming that ain’t letting his/her sleep.

The day has ended for the world,
But somewhere  in this word right now they are working for a change in this world.
It’s 1 am my dear friend, it’s a rest hour for other,
But they are still working for a positive change in this world.
Then who sleep peacefully?


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