A Roadside Boy


I met  a child today as a roadside while he came up to me saying “didi paisaa dinu na kasto vok laageko xa” and I denied at first. he keep asking me for money because there was a street stall nearby and i kept denying, advising him that he shouldn’t beg. He should study and be strong. Suddenly somebody called him up and he went .

I want to know more about him and that’s why I waited for a while so that I can see what he goona do. And he had return. He came back with coin in his hand and asked the street stall keeper- “buwa ko laagi euta churot dinu na” I keep on looking at him and almost felt dead inside to look at such a scene.He then turned back towards me, smirked, and imitated smoking a cigarette and I went speechless standing there nodding my head right to left and vice versa gust to stop him. After giving it to his father, he returned back to me. And start begging for money by saying “mero koi pani xaina didi” but he was unknown that I was the same lady he begged a while ago before buying cigarette to his father.


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