The Stranger who make me smile


Look around. Do you see someone lonely? Do you see someone lost? Help them to find their way back. Help them realise that there is no problem in this life that cann’t be solved. Everybody need a FRIEND in this life, To say that “I will be there for you”

I went back to home after visiting relatives house. I entered in my room which was messed up but seemed so empty and silent. I have only heard the sound of wall clock. The silence and emptiness somehow made me dying inside and outside.

Then I logged in my facebook from new browser. Suddenly fb notify there is a new message with red signal. Someone said,”Do we know eachother?” For some instant I was amazed, how can someone directly  ask such question within a second of being online? It took me a lot of time to just say “sorry,I don’t” Then, he introduced himself and we talked formally. After some days we talked and  it turns to Conversation. He shared his childhood memory some of them was funny too, about study, family and even his current relationship. They both, he and his girlfriend, made me laugh even when I didn’t want to smile by sharing their funny activities and jokes cracked on eachother.We became closefriend and very comfortable within weeks and started sharing thoughts and views.

Next day hesitant at first, but they asked me about things why I am being depressed.I told them what exactly happened to me, myfamily and every heart aching details. They listened with patience and I felt lighter. And today, after some months, they are my close friends.

But you know, sometimes all it takes is a good friend to make you feel better. Someone who will listen to you for free.

They motivate me to be in love with myselfand be rocking in life. They showed me ways to bring the happiness back in life and make me realise that I deserve the Best. I am very thankful to them for being in my hard time.

This new year let’s spread happiness by making people Smile.


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