Your happiness is up to you, to heal is all you. So go and help yourself but suicide is a cowards option. God gave you a chance to live forever in peace, yet you want to opt out early for endless misery in hell? I know that right now your mindset is unclear, and so very negative. But you have to remember this life is only temporary. So why are you acting like it’s permanent, on a temporary heart? It’s like an exam, you take the whole thing for a certain amount of time. Some things seem easy and others difficult. If you opt out in the middle of the exam, you get nothing. Even if you try your best and it’s still difficult, stay till the end. You’ll be rewarded for the correctly usage of methods, even if the answers are not correct.

You experience, learn and grow. So next time you will be well prepared. If life takes you down, it’s not the end. You can always try again. This body you walk in, doesn’t belong to you. You have no right to harm or damage it.

Nothings going right? Then do something about it, nobody else Will. People only guide you, but they cannot do your test for you. You can get as much as you deserve. Always appreciate and thank God for what you have. Happiness is not in tomorrow, it is in today. Right now. Make tomorrow better by working on today.


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