The break up

You left me alone in the dark, burnt out all my lights. Feeling low I lay here feeling like I’m going crazy. Wishing for all of this to end, my tears like liquid nitrogen so cold. Making my heart rise in temperature so high. Stone cold my heart is pounding, my head has gone. I can’t focus, its been a while. Thought that I wouldn’t make it to the next morning. Hard to breath I feel as if I’m suffocating. Ready to explode I give up on everything. I quickly lose who I am., who I was but…. I’m free now? I took the first step off my bed after that message and its 12:15 am. I called my mom in midnight and cried so hard. She was worried on the other side and I said that I missed her so much and disconnect the call. I looked around me and everything was the same. Nothing changed except I felt different. I felt like after all this time I was trapped. As if you had me under the spell.

I can see clearly now and even if at times it still hurts. I learned to let go overtime, I didn’t lose you, you lost me; The old me, the new me. Well lets just say you”ll never get. I deserve so much better and this is a sign to move on. I still have Chance to live so why should I waste it living in your Shadow? You’re nothing to me now, you don’t mean a thing. But thank you so much for breaking my heart. You made me realise my worth was so much more. More than you’d ever know.


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