Mr Blue Eyes



Someone says,“Beauty is noticed through the eyes.” and I truly believe in this statement after seeing your BLUE eyes where I saw imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, depth, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence.

Previously, I was unaware of the oceans that your carry, the broad mentality  as the blue sky, above our head, has and deep yet silent(depth ) thoughts as seas have. Your eyes are Dynamic and Beautiful. I can see your dreams reflected in your magical eyes.

Science may define,” Having blue eyes is mutation and don’t resemble anything” but I would say, Blue eyes are deep and highly addicting.


PS: everything written above is just bundle of lies (wink)(tongue) .


2 thoughts on “Mr Blue Eyes

  1. Wow… Bistarai mero fan badhai xan… Khusi lagyo…

    Bt auta information ma thorai problem xa.. Color of eye is due to color of iris ho.. Mutation hoina….

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