When she finally talk about being depressed, people consider it as a joke. “What reason can you have for depression?” they say. They say you’re too young to be depressed. And that breaks the only shred of courage she had gathered. They smile or laugh about it there even. She wish people would understand, that depression is not a joke. It is noting that can be controlled.

If you see a sign in someone, please genuinely ask of you can help, over though it may be a stranger.

She is in her teen age. And when a teen goes through depression, it’s automatically referred as tantrums: no one care. In what type of society who have lived in? She knows to herself what she is but the people will only laugh at her if she will open up to them. They would only think “She wants attention” where in fact, that’s the last thing she doesn’t want. Fighting alone, she wonder if it will ever be end soon? But she is already used to it so the impact doesn’t hurt that much anymore. Guess she just have to deal with it alone and no one knows.

People don’t understand the fact that depression is not a sickness, but an emotion. But you know what she is very strong. She still believes that there is a light in the end of tunnel.


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