Stranger Seat Mate


It was august, 2017. My Grandfather died in 1st week of August.. I was travelling to Charikot to attend Hindu’s rituals of grandfather going held on thirteenth day of funeral and to spend my holiday with my family. I was definitely in a fog, putting one foot in front of the other.

I got to the Buspark, and at the counter learned my ticket had been canceled, with no bus available so I decided to go back home and cancelled the plan until the next day… I think I sort of lost it. Not angry, just flattened. Hugging my mother was the only joy that had kept me focused for those hard last weeks. I was crying , blurting out my little story. next day, I packed my bag but didn’t go to buspark. I decided to go to nearest bus station and catch any bus available to my home. A few minutes passed and the bus staff called me showing the vacant seat. He told me to have seat and handed me a Ticket. I thanked him and took long deep breath thinking finally I had on my way to home after Two years.

And I caught a glance at my seat mate in the window seat. , he looks familiar. But we remained silent. After almost 2 hours I felt hungry and I stared to eat apple which I had carried in my bag. And I even don’t ask him to eat as he was busy in his own world. You know what bus for long route has always good music in their playlist and that bus had too. I was totally enjoying the every moment and It was kind of happy journey but I headed to home for Grandfather’s tera din ko punya tithi with heavy heart and teary eyes. He introduced himself…Gopal Bhattrai was one with whom I was travelling for seven long hours. After brief exchanges he shared that he had grown up in Terathum, eastern Nepal. Now, he was here in my hometown for a reason, A reason that was very close to his heart, and  that was his job. We were chatting pleasantly waiting for the delayed travel due to worst road in monsoon season. when we were travelling his head bumped in showrack many times as he has good height and I felt blessed(wink) in that case because being a short girl is equals to no chance of getting head bump in door even in window too.

I then witnessed great conversation between the two next of our seat. Updates on the health of the former prime minister and his words with no work, discussion about a merit rank in IOE and Journey to Uppar Tamakoshi seemed very interesting. He let me know about the way of road extension, problems we are facing due to that and how to overcome problem in case of Nepal. He often used many technical words and clarified them too. I enjoyed learning new things.

Just before reaching we had got to know he missed his bus to his destination as our bus was very slow and broke down in halfway. When we arrived at Charikot, there was no bus so he decided to stay in Charikot. I request him to go with me in my Mamaghar but he denied and we exchange greeting and goodbye. At the end, he taught me to laugh even in hard time by sharing different motivating story. May god bless everyone with such an amazing seat mate while travelling and make their travel more memorable.

That day I learned that many new wonderful experiences were ahead for everyone. And that good people would show you kindness, if you let them. All you had to do was be open to possibility. I believe in the goodness in people. I met a person with positivism and kindness then we be a very good friend. We never met then after.


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