2017 WAS

This year ended with the Dreams and I hope the New Year start for Purpose. 2017 was full of new adventure. I got chance to connect with good new people, learn new positive things. I have started some new ventures and I believe it will take me to next amazing level. I made real Friends, took risks, achieved my goal( in installment though wink wink), worked hard, nurtured myself and learned to let go and be happy.

This is a year of becoming and unbecoming. By becoming more of who am I and unbecoming who others have told me I need to be. This year is year of embracing my middles, my wild sides, my messy sides, my wholeness, uniqueness and passions. This is a year of miraculous chances and waiting on bated breath to grab them.

My Goal for 2018 is to stop simply wishing for lives I want, jobs I want and I am ready to place on my battle shoes and enter into each day’s fight to be more loving, kinder, wiser, more gracious existence. I want nothing, just more laughter, less stress, improved finances, healing from many aches, lots of love and miracle.

Indeed!! Life has a level; time to step up a few. I can see, everything is aligning perfectly in my life. I just want my family happy, my health improved, my mind right, my finances flowing and no drama, that’s it.




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